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Do you want to taste the thrill of RC Soaring with us?

Well, it doesn't take much! Contact one of the MATS club Executives and  join us to enjoy an afternoon together at the flying field !

There's nothing better than seeing what this sport is all about and what does it take to get you in the air!

Then, let's do the paperwork:

1) Go to the Model Aeronautics Association of Canada Webpage and subscribe;
2) Download, print and sign the MATS club safety & flying field rules;
3) Download and fill in the MATS membership form;

4) Find out which of the membership fees applies to you:

Junior or student (under 25 and in full time education) - $10

New adult member - First year only - $40
New adult member - First year only - After September the 1st - $20

Adult member - $95, a $10 discount is given if paid in full before February 28th of the membership year.

5) Send the forms and fees to one of the Executives to get into the MATS club officially!

Last update 17 January 2015

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